Couple Recreates Simpsons Kitchen In Calgary Home

Couple Recreates Simpsons Kitchen In Calgary Home

The Simpsons Kitchen definitely has a unique style and one couple in Calgary, Canada has decided to copy it. Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton argue over who thought of the idea first, but they both agree it was the best way to go.  Joel tells CBCNews that he’s always been a huge fan:

“Every winter I watch every single episode that’s been released.  The Simpsons for me is actually a baby blanket. If I’m not feeling very well, if I’m depressed, if I have a bad day — I come home and pop The Simpsons on and I’m 10-years-old [again] and everything is alright.”


Simpsons Kitchen
Source: CBCNews

They’ve copied everything from the corn cob curtains and large knobbed purple cabinets.  Even the floor is the same pattern.  This shows true commitment and I’m sure it will look awesome once they are done.  Later on, they plan on turning their basement into Moe’s Tavern.

Here’s a video of Marcia explaining what’s she’s done so far.  I’m sure they’ve had a lot of fun, but after the basement, will they be tempted to do even more?

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