Bad News For Burning Man, It’s Infested

Bad News For Burning Man, It’s Infested

It’s that time of year again, Burning Man is gearing up in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create a temporary metropolis dedicated to self-expression and art.  Unfortunately, this year there will be some uninvited guests attending in record numbers.  Organizers have reported an excessive number of bugs taking over the area and the little critters have now been identified.  Gizmodo asked entomologist Alex Wild what the bugs were from the below photographs and he advised the big one are stink bugs and the little ones are seed bugs.  I’m sure you can guess why the stink bugs are called that, but just so you know, it’s because they let out a smell much like coriander.  Stink Bugs can be quite a pest and they are attracted to light which will get really interesting once they start lighting up their famous sculptures.  Perhaps it will solve the problem, go to the light little bug.

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Regardless of the bug issue, I’m sure the Burning Man participants will find a way to enjoy the festivities.  Just check out some of the previous photos we’ve found on Imgur that show what an awesome place Burning Man can be.




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But if you want more than just a taste, you should check out this montage.  It’s one of the best that I’ve seen.




Here’s another one that will let you really immerse yourself in Burning Man by YouTuber Dr Yes and you can also head over to his website for more pictures.  If you don’t want to go yourself after all of this, I don’t know what’s wrong with you!