15 More Additions For The Darwin Award List

15 More Additions For The Darwin Award List

Darwin Award List

We all have that friend, the one that belongs in the Darwin Award List.  Maybe you are the friend, we all can’t be coordinated or think before we act.  Either way, we love you all because you make us laugh and somehow you pick yourself back up again and get right back at it.  Here’s a few that just keep on trying.


You can tell this guy has just had a long, bad day and is just done.


The guy who popped back up looked like he totally meant to do that.


Come on, how did you think that was going to turn out?


Something tells me her friend is named Lucy and used to pull out the football for Charlie Brown


There goes a perfectly good dessert!


You only missed it by THIS much


Did the machine not let him go or did he not let go of the machine?


Well, the approach looked good.


It hurts just watching this, but I can’t stop.


Did… Did the stage just eat her?


Here’s the lesson kids, never be the last guy in the jump.  Or the first, in case they trip.  Just don’t be any of the ones laying down, be the guy filming on the sidelines, it’s the only safe place.


Sometime in a previous life, this guy might have done something and it’s finally coming around to get him.  You never know when karma will strike.


The Russian judge gives a 9 because he loves to watch head injuries


Another lesson kiddies, if you ever have to push s### uphill, you are always in danger of it coming back down on you.  Literally and figuratively.


I cringe so hard every time I see this, hopefully he can adopt some day.


Well, that’s it for now.  We’ll find some more for you soon.  Meanwhile, look after those friends who always find themselves in these situations.  We love to laugh, but we don’t want to see anyone actually get hurt.