Furniture For Your Amazing Fairy Tale Life

Furniture For Your Amazing Fairy Tale Life


Amazing Fairy Tale

Have you ever put together Ikea furniture and wanted to shoot yourself because the instructions don’t make any sense?  Why live an ordinary life with junk straight out of a box when you can surround yourself with something great.   If you ever wanted to live in a make-believe world, maybe some place like Alice in Wonderland or an amazing fairy tale, then this will be up your alley.

The creator of Straight Line Designs is Judson Beaumont and he’s been operating his one-of-a-kind workshop out of Vancouver, British Columbia for 27 years.  He and his staff of 8 craftspeople design custom-built furniture and projects that focus on quality and unique design and stay far away from mass production.

It’s rare to find people who are dedicated to keeping things small so their product will remain extraordinary.  That’s true craftsmanship.  But let’s move on to the products now so they can speak for themselves, get ready to step through the looking glass and check out what Judson and his team have created.


Cracked Cabinet






Anne Armoire




Joined at the Hip





They also have some of their more recent projects at their blog and some of those pieces are really inspired.

Vern, Vinny, and Babies



The Bubble Cabinet



Sally Dresser



Jack-in-the-Box Cabinet


Want to see more of these crazy designs?  Don’t forget to head over to their blog and bookmark it for when they come out with new stuff.