Surreal Animal Pictures That Are Still Incredibly Cute

Surreal Animal Pictures That Are Still Incredibly Cute

If you haven’t seen these then you’re in for a real treat.  The skills of these photoshop experts are really awesome, so much so I could totally live in their world.  I wish some of these creatures existed so I could adopt every one of them. Anyway, this has become my new obsession, see if you fall in love with them too.

Oh why can’t this be real, I want one soooooo bad now.

source: worth1000 BrunoSousa


Would my tiny hippo and tiny leopard get along?  I’m sure I could make it work.

animal pictures
source: worth1000 Bajistock


What is it about tiny animals that make you want to hug them and take them home.

animal pictures
source: worth1000 nanoPS

As if kittens weren’t cute enough, I’ll take a dozen, please!

source: worth1000 Brisling


Somebody left the food out, that’s how you get bears.

source: worth1000 SinnedMan

So tiny is definitely cute, but what about really big?

Zero to sixty in about a day, but you look super cool while you get there.

source: worth1000 MarcusAurelius


I hate to see what happens when the chicken starts to peck at the ground.

source: worth1000 ilovekarate

Ok, I’ve changed my mind, I’m totally trading in my snail for a rabbit

source: worth1000 Adriaan


I’ve seen some Great Danes that make this look realistic.

animal pictures
source: worth1000 steveRS


I know it’s supposed to be devastating, but he’s just so cute.  D’awwwww!

source: worth1000 CharlesFBI


Well, if you really loved these and you have a couple of hours to waste, then head on over to and get lost in all of the impressive pictures and illustrations.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!