Parapsychology Study Reveals Who Will Likely Turn Into A Restless Ghost

Parapsychology Study Reveals Who Will Likely Turn Into A Restless Ghost

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A really interesting parapsychology study has been published by Erlendur Haraldsson.  As the title of the study suggests, Alleged Encounters With The Dead: The Importance Of Violent Death In 337 New Cases, Haraldsson has interviewed 337 cases of reported encounters with the deceased either through visual, hearing, touching, smelling or even a vivid sense of feeling the spirit.  However, visual encounters dominated the study at 69% of the cases.

Here are a couple of examples from the study:

This happened three years ago. I sat in a chair in my room and was reading. Then I looked up and saw my deceased grandmother standing in front of me, as fully alive. I told my mother about this the following day. She said, “That is nice, it was her birthday.” I had not remembered it.

I had recently started working in a factory when one day I see a man walking at the further end of the machine at which I was working. He walks up to a wall near which the machine was placed and back. I went to see who the man was but found no one. When I told my coworkers about this experience and described the man to them, they were sure that this had been a ghost which some others had also seen. It was the former director of the company who had committed suicide

There are more stories documented in the study, and one that I found interesting detailed a renter that was asked by a landlord if she ever noticed anything in the apartment.  After some hesitation and a nudge from the wife of the landlord, she finally acknowledged that she had seen a man and described him in detail.  The landlord confirmed that a man had committed suicide in that apartment and her description fit him to a tee.

So with these stories in hand, the researchers used public records and additional witnesses to verify as much as they could and then started crunching the numbers.  That’s when they noticed trends and found that a particular group and type of death stuck out.  I personally don’t think it’s too surprising and should make sense to a lot of us:

The only significant difference is the number of males versus females in the two samples; 78% of the deceased were males in the random sample and 66% were males in the self-report sample… the results continue to show  …there is a much higher percentage of persons suffering violent death in apparition cases compared to the general population.

The study is actually easy and interesting to read, and I highly recommend you head over to check it out.

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