Unbelievable Body Painting From BAYFaba 2015

Unbelievable Body Painting From BAYFaba 2015

The 2015 BAYFaba Face and Body painting convention was in town over the weekend, and it featured some of the best instructors of the industry.  The people of BAYFaba put together the event in order to provide a creative environment where people with the same passion could come together and learn from some of the best talent in the industry.

They had some amazing artists and we’re already seeing some of the artwork hit social media.  Here’s a sampling of what some of BAYFaba had to offer:


Dutch Bihary

Dutch can be seen on Skin Wars Fresh Paint.  Here’s his first night’s work.  Check out his page for more info on how to contact him for classes or events.

Body painting
Dutch Bihary via Facebook


Dutch Bihary via Facebook


Matteo Arfanotti

Matteo is originally from Sarzana, Italy and is skilled in many types of art forms such as drawing, painting, set designs, and of course, body painting.  Here is one of his designs from BAYFaba.

Matteo Arfanotti picture by Nick Wolfe


Matteo Arfanotti via Facebook

Here’s an actual lesson given by Matteo on YouTube

Want to feel like you were there getting an actual tutorial from Matteo himself.  Check out this video.



Mark Reid

Mark started face painting back in 2002 and loves the challenge of the 3D canvas that the body provides him.  Check out more on his inspiration and how he got started on his website and bio here.

@ZebBodyArt via twitter


Here’s a walking ad for Devotion Vodka that Mark Reid painted.  Yes, that’s right, those jeans are literally painted on. The model is Jennifer Boone.

Devotion Vodka via Facebook


Monica Noriega

Monica was one of the winners for 1st place in Body Painting and 2nd in Face Painting.

Monica Noriega via Facebook


This is just a sampling of the beautiful images and talented artists that were showing off their skills at the convention.  Stop by their Facebook, Instagram, and other pages to say hello.  Also search for #BAYFaba and you’ll find even more great pics if you’re interested.