Tiny Hamster Parties Are Super Cute

Tiny Hamster Parties Are Super Cute

If you haven’t heard of tiny hamster parties then you are in for a nice surprise.  If you have heard, then you know you’re in for a treat.  So sit back and enjoy the best thing on the internet.

The cutest tiny barbeque

This hamster is not afraid to chow down on some tiny burritos

If only they would slurp down the same pasta string on this tiny first date

I would love to go to this tiny Tiki Party


This fad has caught on and more YouTubers are getting in on the fun.  There are some real contenders here.  Check out the next generation.

Loving this Tiny Fast Food joint

Another Tiny Barbeque that’s really smoking

Seriously, this is the cutest Tiny Sushi


But everything tiny dreams of being big and getting even, check out this Giant Hamster Monster

Seems like hamsters are really getting hip these days

tiny hampsters



But they’re not welcome everywhere…

tiny hamsters



But this writer loves them

source: imgur
source: imgur