The Great White Wallaby – Rare Animal Spotted In UK

The Great White Wallaby – Rare Animal Spotted In UK

white wallaby

It wasn’t Ishmael that found the White Wallaby, but instead Florence and her friend Caroline Phillips.  In fact, Florence was out riding her horse, and she came back to tell her friend Caroline that she saw a white kangaroo.  Now, it was unusual enough that the kangaroo was white, but that it was also in Northhampshire, U.K.

Florence came back after her ride to tell her friend about the kangaroo, but Caroline thought she must have misidentified the animal or was just plain nuts.  “Needless to say, I had thought she was obviously mistaken or crazy, so I thought I’d humor her and go back with her to see the mysterious creature,” Caroline told South West News Service.

Caroline and Florence headed back to Salcey Forest to find the mysterious White Wallaby, and low and behold they actually did.  They got quite close and were able to watch it for at least 30 minutes.  Fortunately, Caroline had the foresight to bring along a camera.  Check out the video that she captured of a very rare White Wallaby.
















Here’s some general info on Wallabies if you’re interested.