The Haunting of Barnsley Antiques

The Haunting of Barnsley Antiques

Haunting of Barnsley Antiques
source: Barnsley Antiques

The Haunting of Barnsley Antiques started from the moment they moved in.  They’ve had a cabinet door smashing all on its own, and they’ve actually caught a ghostly shape moving through room to room.  It seems that so many things have been going bump in the night at Barnsley Antiques, that they even set up their own YouTube channel.

Below are a couple of videos we picked out, but you can find more on their web page and YouTube channel.  For example, some will show things falling over in the middle of the night, or some happen while shoppers are there to witness.  I think it’s safe to say something strange is definitely going on over at Barnsley Antiques, what do you think, is it supernatural?

Here’s one that shows the cabinet smashing all by itself:

And here’s one of a strange mist floating in while people are at work in other rooms of the store: