Vampires Do Exist And You May Know One

Vampires Do Exist And You May Know One


So it turns out Vampires do exist and they are hiding in plain sight.  They may even be someone you know, but don’t want to come out for fear of ridicule.  In fact, they even come in different flavors, ones that feed on actual human blood and ones that, well, feed on the cosmos (allow a moment to roll eyes here).  Vice News had a chance to interview them and let us in on the dark world of sanguinary vampirism, which means they feed off of real blood.

For expediency, I’m going to skip the cosmos feeding vamps.  Really, it’s because that was just painful to read.  Let’s just discuss their interview with Galatea, a 29-year-old vampire from London.  She stated she knew from a young age when she kissed a boy and bit him.  She really doesn’t care what the medical community has to say, as she tells Vice News, “I know what I need to be healthy.  I’ve tested the theory over and over for in excess of 20 years…. Frankly, the medical world can go to hell. I know what I am. I am a Vampyress.”

I don’t know what testing Galatea has done to prove she’s a vampire.  One can only imagine as she discusses the agony she goes through when she hasn’t fed for some time.

On occasion, I have experienced such a state of pain and mental confusion from lack of feeding that I’ve found myself on the floor, writhing in agony, biting and banging my wrists, scratching myself, among other types of psychotic behaviors.

Wow, I’ve heard of “Hangry” before but that takes the cake!  Regardless, people can do what they want as long as everyone is willing I suppose.  Just count this blogger as not convinced.  Read more over at Vice News and check out this related video if you’re interested: