Armadillos Cause Leprosy Spike In Florida

Armadillos Cause Leprosy Spike In Florida

armadillo leprosy

Apparently, leprosy is live and well in the state of Florida which usually sees around 10 cases in a year.  However, this year they have already seen 9 cases and all of those people had direct contact with armadillos.   For some reason, the strange looking creatures are the only other species other than humans that can host the leprosy bacteria, and the cases seem to be a lot worse this year.

The disease is believed to be transmitted through bodily fluids and the critters tend to spit on you when cornered.  Fortunately, there is drug treatment available for the disease, but it can cause disfigurement, skin lesions, nerve damage and loss of digits.



The CDC says it’s rare to get Leprosy or Hansen’s disease from an armadillo, but if you’d like to know more about what treatment is available, they have information on their website.