10 Darwin Award Winners That Are Very Lucky To Be Alive

10 Darwin Award Winners That Are Very Lucky

These Darwin Award winners tried very hard to be included and should be awarded for their efforts.  Their prize is the fact they are still alive.  Sit back and be happy you were brought up with a little more sense.

1. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again to off yourself.

Darwin Award

2. Well, what did you think would happen?

3.  Good thing you had the ropes attached to the ground

Darwin Award

4.  Well, at least it broke through, maybe you can get your work done once you crawl back up.

Darwin Award

5.  It seems like you knew something bad was about to happen…

6.  That’s just funny.



7.  How many times do we have to tell you, watch the first step.

8.  It just liked you so much, it wanted to come back and give you a kiss.

Darwin Award

9.  There goes a perfectly good truck.

10.  What is it about fire and boys.  They just can’t get enough of it.

Darwin Award


Watching these makes me want to count all my fingers and toes and make sure I still have my eyebrows.  Check back soon for another dose of prize winners.  There’s always another batch ready to burn something for science.