Bigfoot Was Real, But Now Extinct

Bigfoot Was Real, But Now Extinct




Scientists first found evidence of Gigantopithecus in 1935 when Ralph von Koenigswald walked into a Chinese pharmacy and bought a very large primate molar.  Since then several more teeth and jaws have been collected in China, Vietnam, and India.  With just teeth and jaws to go on, it’s difficult to be sure exactly what the animal was like, but after comparing with modern gorilla’s or apes, researchers estimate the ape to be up to 10 feet tall and weighing about 1200 lbs.

So what happened to Bigfoot, or Yeti, as he would be called in Asia?  Well, researchers believe he went extinct approximately 300,000 years ago.  It’s not known what caused them to die off, it could have been changing climate, or fewer resources due to competition with rising hominids, or maybe they’re not extinct after all, according to some Bigfoot enthusiasts.  What do you think?

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