Survivorman Claims Bigfoot Exists

Survivorman Les Stroud Claims Bigfoot Exists And Protecting Global Timber Barons

Survivorman Les Stroud was recently interviewed by Off Track to describe his unusual experiences in the wilderness when he spends weeks, sometimes months, filming his shows.  One of the most remarkable things he said was, “I will go on record and say that I’ve had elite military individuals say to me,  ‘Yeah, we know that they’re there,’ and then what you want to do from there is follow the money, because, for example, if the species is indeed in existence as well, where does it exist, well…”  I think you can see where he’s going here.  Basically, if a spotted owl gets thousands of acres set aside for it because it’s endangered, then what would Bigfoot get and who would that impact.  It’s quite a theory, and certainly worth a watch.  See the video here and other Bigfoot related videos at Off Track.