10 Really Cool DIY Christmas Gifts Your Friends and Family Will Love

 10 Really Cool DIY Christmas Gifts Your Friends and Family Will Love

DIY Christmas gifts

Are you trying to figure out what to give for Christmas this year and drawing a blank?  Check out some of these awesome DIY Christmas gifts and see if any spark your interest.  Even if the exact item they are working on doesn’t, it still might get your creative juices flowing.  Happy crafting!

Starbucks Candle

Who wouldn’t love to have Starbucks in their room all the time.  Perfect for that friend or kid that is always hanging out at the coffee shop.


Decoupage a Guitar

Love this because you can turn a cheap guitar from a second-hand store into a work of art.


Galaxy Slime

Need something for your little brother or sister?  This will keep them entertained for awhile.



3D painting

Maybe try this with tracing something first if you aren’t that artistic.  Get creative!


DIY Fruit Bowls

These are just the cutest little fruit inspired bowls that any mother, aunt, or sister would love.


Photo transfer to wood

This would be the perfect gift for mom.  Get a family photo and go to town.


Watermarble Jewelry

I could spend so much time coming up with crazy combos.



Confetti Glasses

This could just be a starting point.  Maybe do your own design and make it special.


Really cute book charms for kids

This would be fun to make with kids, or to give to kids so they have something to take back with them to school after Christmas break.


Manger Coaster for the holidays

This has mom or grandma all over it.  Get crafty!