This Is One Of The Strangest Mass UFO Sightings In UK History

This Is One Of The Strangest Mass UFO Sightings In UK History

It’s been 50 years since Warminster was spun up in a frenzy because it was the center of mass UFO sightings, and now they are coming together to remember what happened back in those crazy days.  Warminster is a small town with the population of about 17,000 located in western Wiltshire, England.  The whole event didn’t start with actual UFO sightings, but instead strange sounds which led it to be labeled as “The Thing”.

On Christmas Eve 1964, many witnesses described sounds like, “twigs or leaves being drawn across a roof, or a chimney crashing to the ground, or roof tiles being forcefully rattled around”.  In the fall of 1965, a “detonation noise” rocked houses on the town’s Boreham Field.  These strange noises continued into the following year with various reports, one such sound killed a flock of birds, but soon the noises were replaced by reports of strange sights of unusual objects.



Most of the sightings were around the Cradle Hill and Clay Hill areas surrounding the town next to military land on the edge of Salisbury Plain.  There was a flood of sightings that caused a town hall meeting to be held around Christmas of ’65 in hopes that some answers would be forthcoming, but the sightings are still unsolved to this day. People saw metallic orbs, lights, cigar and saucer shaped UFOs. Matt Lyons, a UFO researcher, attended the conference in Warminster and revealed previously unseen files documenting accounts from witnesses whose cars were affected in and around the town.  From

*August 20 1965: A couple on a motorcycle felt it stall as two white spheres of light hovered overhead, changing colour

*Oct 8, 1965, 12.25am; A woman driving towards Warminster felt her car lose power after seeing a bright orange ball before the vehicle stopped. She then saw a dark object rise from a nearby field, sparking red and blue, before the engine started up again.

*September 7 1965, 8pm: Major William Hill’s car cut out and was “shaken by air vibrations”. He got out and heard a whining, crackling noise.

*Approx. 1967: A businessman driving past Clay Hill felt his car become hot and heard a high-pitched noise before the engine failed. He got out and saw a glowing white disc overhead before it sped off.

*August 25 1975: A serviceman driving near Warminster reported to a police patrol that his car malfunctioned after seeing a bright-red light in the sky

Another researcher, Kevin Goodman, shared his photos and experiences that he said left “his jaw hanging” which were “four red lights, evenly spaced apart… one shot out of the sky at a 90 degree angle at great speed before it was followed a minute or two later by the other three.”  Here is one of his photos: jon austin

While the conference didn’t provide any answers about what happened during this crazy period it did show there is still a lot of interest.  If you’d like to know more about the Warminster events, here’s a documentary with some interviews captured at the time.  In addition, you can read more about the conference and other speakers at the