10 Spooky Tales To Give You The Willies

10 Spooky Tales To Give You The Willies

Mandy The Haunted Doll

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source: Quesnel museum

You may have heard of the haunted doll Annabelle since it was the inspiration for the movie The Conjuring, but have you ever heard of Mandy?  This 115-year-old antique doll was given to the Quesnel District Museum in 1991 because the owner couldn’t handle having it around the house any longer.  Apparently, the doll would wake the owner in the middle of the night by crying so loudly that she could hear it from the basement.  Once the doll took up residence in the museum, employees and volunteers reported strange happenings at there as well.  Things would go missing only to be found later in strange places, and cameras would drain or operate strangely around the doll.

Flight MH17 Passenger Eerie Tweet


Perhaps Cor Pan, who was a dutch passenger on flight MH17, sent his tweet, “If it disappears, this is what it looks like”, because he was a little nervous about the infamous missing flight MH370 or maybe he was just trying to be funny.  Regardless of his reason, it will always be remembered as eerie.  The flight was bound for Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, but the flight path took the plane across eastern Ukraine.  As we know now, the plane was taken down and all the passengers were killed.


Three-Year-Old Solves His Murder From Previous Life


It turns out that Harry Potter isn’t the only young boy with a birthmark on his head with unusual powers.  A 3-year-old boy from Golan Heights claimed that he had lived before and was murdered in his past life.  It was an unusual tale, but it got creepy once he led the group of investigators to the murderer and the location of his buried body. Once they confronted the murderer and found the body, the man confessed.  Supposedly, the birthmark also corresponded to the injury on the skull of the body that was found.  Unfortunately, documentation of this event is a bit limited, so we do have to go with what Dr. Eli Lasch provided at the time as he is now deceased.


Spanish Hill – Giant Skeletons

There are several accounts of excessively tall skeletons found in various archeological sites.  Some of the claims are a bit far fetched and are known as the horned giants of Sayre, Pennsylvania.  Regardless, it’s actually reasonable to believe that some skeletons have been found that were 7 – 8 feet in length.  Indeed, it would have been unusual for the time, but Robert Wadlow measured 8ft 11in and weighed 439 lbs.  This is quite rare and was due to an abnormally high level of human growth hormone from hyperplasia of his pituitary gland, but is it possible that this kind of defect was also prevalent and for whatever reason more frequent in a certain community?  If you take the horns out of the myth, it seems more believable, but something that would still be freaky to run into in real life.

source: Wikipedia


Red Lights From The Below

source: JPC van Heijst via Huffington Post


Dutch Pilot JPC van Heijst and his co-pilot had no idea what they were looking at when they saw the mysterious red glow coming from the ocean.  They were flying a Boeing 747 to Alaska when they saw the lights just south of the Russian peninsula Kamchatka then suddenly, a bolt of light appeared to shoot up from the surface.  A lot of speculation has surrounded the event and many have guessed that it was an underground volcano deep beneath the sea.  And while some very large eruptions have produced lightning, there is no precedence for this happening underwater and the weather conditions didn’t support it.  So for the moment, it is still unexplained.


Giant Rock and the Mojave Desert

Giant Rock is the largest free-standing boulder in the Mojave Desert, perhaps the world, and it’s considered a sacred place by the Native Americans.  Some say it’s special because it’s on the 33rd parallel, along with the pyramids and the Bermuda triangle, but  it’s mostly considered a very important place among UFO enthusiasts who started coming to the rock when George Van Tassel opened it up for UFO conventions.  George claimed to be a contactee and said he was given instructions on how to build an electrical device to rejuvenate and prolong human life.  He wasn’t able to finish, but you can get a “sound bath” at the Integratron, which was his incomplete project.  In addition to this, Frank Critzer was a recluse that dug out a hole under the rock and lived there for awhile until dying in an explosion after confronted by the authorities.  Needless to say, the rock has seen some things, which is why many still believe it and the desert it resides in is a hotspot for UFOs.  One remarkable, highly credible story comes from a British Pilot, David Hastings, who was flying his Cessna in 1985 with a co-pilot, David described the situation to Huffington Post:

We were sitting there enjoying the sunshine when we both suddenly saw this speck out on the horizon at our 12 o’clock position.  This speck suddenly grew extremely quickly until we saw this huge shadow go over the top of us. But the most amazing thing about it was there was no noise and absolutely no movement or turbulence at all. We looked at each other, saying, ‘What the hell was that?’

At that point, they felt that something was off the left side of the plane, but they couldn’t see anything there. Regardless, they decided to take a couple of pictures anyway.  They didn’t even see anything in the viewfinder at the time, but then were able to see the following in the pictures once they were developed.  This certainly isn’t the only UFO picture snapped in the Mojave, be sure to play the news report above to see a collection of a few more strange lights people have managed to capture in the hotspot of the desert.

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source: Huffington Post


The Texas Killing Fields and The Highway of Hell

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source: IMDB

The Killing Fields is an area that borders the Calder Oil Field, which is approximately one mile from Interstate 45. And guess what that stretch of road is called, yep, you guessed it, the Highway of Hell.  To say this area is cursed is an understatement.  The road is known as this because of the high rate of accidents, but another reason it might have this name is because the Killing Fields.  Roughly 30 bodies have been found, many being young girls, and very few of the cases have ever been solved.  The fields have been described as “a perfect place for killing somebody and getting away with it.”  In fact, a movie has been made about it and after the director toured the area he stated, “You could actually see the refineries that are in the South end of Texas City. You could see the I-45. But if you yelled no one would necessarily hear you, and if you ran there wouldn’t necessarily be anywhere to go.”  So if you are ever in south Texas, be sure you’ve got a full tank a gas and you’ve checked all your indicators because you don’t want to breakdown anywhere along that horrible stretch of road.


Final Destination – 9/11 Edition

Once the Grim Reaper points his finger, your number is up no matter what you do, at least that’s the theme of the movie Final Destination and it’s what happened to these unfortunate survivors of the 9/11 tragedy.  Hilda Yolanda Mayol worked in a restaurant in the World Trade Center and was lucky enough to escape that terrible day, but that luck only lasted two months.  She was later killed on American Airlines Flight 587 that crashed in the New York borough of Queens on November 12th.  In addition, there is the case of Darius Marshall, a security guard for the U.N. who had been injured on 9/11 and was missing for 13 hours until he was found later on a ferry that had been converted into a first aid station.  Coincidentally, he died in a ferry accident in 2003 after it plowed into a maintenance pier.


Mums the Word on the UFO over San Diego














Many San Diego residents phoned the NBC affiliate April 28th, 2015, reporting colored lights in the sky.  The station was able to capture the video above and put in some calls to the military to see if they could identify what they were.  Pretty standard stuff so far, so why did station management tell their employees to stop responding to inquiries about the event.  From the Huffington Post:

A reporter, who said she was instructed not to give her name, told HuffPost that the station management didn’t want any of their photographers interviewed or giving out information on the matter.

Other organizations have tried to reach the station on the matter, but no one will discuss it.  Seriously?  Seems like you’re making it more of a conspiracy by acting this way than if you just discussed it and pleaded ignorance.  Strange.


Robert the Doll

We started with a haunted doll so let’s end with one as well.  Robert was actually the inspiration for Chucky and currently resides in Key West,  Florida.  Robert was a gift to a mansion owner’s little boy by his maid.  He was often used as a scapegoat for anything that went wrong in the home.  The stories went from tales of bratty mischief to evil when neighbors thought they saw him move from window to window and a young girl of the new homeowners claimed it tried to kill her. Robert was quickly asked to vacate after that and ended up at the Fort East Martello Museum and Gardens