6 Mysteries Still Unsolved After Authorities Investigate

6 Mysteries Still Unsolved After Authorities Investigate

These six mysteries still unsolved continue to baffle investigators and enthusiasts alike.  People have written books and even based movies on some of the stories below.  So sit back and take a look, maybe you’ll get pulled in by some of the unanswered questions too.

The Atlanta  Blood House

Mysteries Still Unsolved
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Minnie Winston stepped out of her shower one evening to find blood smeared on the floor of the bathroom.  She called out to her husband of 44 years, William Winston, to find out what it was.  Little did they know, the blood wasn’t just on the bathroom floor, it was later found in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and halls of the six-bedroom brick house.  They called the police and after further examination they found out the blood was of type O and the Winston couple were type A.   To this day, they have never figured out where the blood came from.  Could you imagine someone slipping into your home while you were taking a bath and painting your house in blood while your husband slept in the other room?  It truly is a mystery.




Six people died at a small farm known as Hinterkaifeck in 1922 and remains one of Germany’s most bizarre and puzzling cases.  Leading up to the event, Andreas Gruber, the 63-year-old father, told neighbors he had seen footprints in the snow leading up to his farm but none leading away and he heard footsteps in the attic and found an unfamiliar newspaper.  In addition, the house keys went missing several days before the murder.  What makes this curious is a maid left the family six months before stating that the home was haunted.  Unfortunately for the new maid, she started work on the very day the murders occurred.

At first the investigators suspected robbery, but they discovered a large amount of money found in the house.  In addition, you could tell that someone had stayed in the house for a few days and fed the animals and smoke was seen from the chimney over the weekend by the neighbors.



Sac Uayum

Mysteries Still Unsolved


There’s a “Haunted” Maya underwater cave just south of Merida, the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan.  The locals don’t like to go anywhere near it because they say an enormous feathered serpent with a horse’s head inhabit’s the cave and will snatch up any child if they get too close.   However, an archaeologist was able to convince the locals to perform a calming ceremony so he could explore and dive in the waters beneath.  It was very worthwhile as his team found many remains of men, women, children and even a cow.  Some of the skulls were flattened and one had a hole in the forehead, but they thought this was postmortem.  In fact, they could not determine any cause of death since the bones did not bear marks indicating a sacrifice.  One possibility might have been victims of the plague as they were buried outside the city and the usual place of burial was around the family home.  The team has been investigating for 15 years and plans to continue, perhaps they will one day discover the real reason no one wants to go around the haunted cave.


The Beauport Poltergeist

The residents of 3566 Mgr Gauthier street can claim to have experienced one of the best documented poltergeist cases in history.  In fact, as the local news interviewed the irritated inhabitants the activity was caught on camera.  Loud, powerful bangs against the wall could be heard and felt with some causing holes to be created.  Local authorities, technicians from the gas company, and even Geologists were called, but no one could figure out what was happening.  Eventually, the sounds stopped and they were able to move back into their homes but no one ever resolved what happened.  Watch the video above to see the pounding captured as the news interviews one of the residents.


The Harbour Mille UFO

Mysteries Still Unsolved
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The Newfoundland police received multiple calls about missile-like objects soaring through the sky over the small rural community.   Darlene Stewart spotted the object while taking pictures of the sunset and managed to get a photo of one of the UFOs.  She called her friend and her husband and they all saw three additional objects flying through the air.  “I really did get sick to my stomach, I was shaking when I seen it,” Stewart told CBC News Wednesday. “We were just in awe of what we seen.”  Stewart also confirmed that the objects made no noise and like others in the community, they just want answers.

The French Ministry of Defence confirmed they had launched a missile from a submarine earlier in the week but the time and direction did not match.  The RCMP was charged with the investigation.  “We confirmed that it was something.  It’s nothing criminal,” but Sgt. Wayne Edgecombe said he couldn’t reveal what the police investigation uncovered.  It makes you wonder if the Ministry would admit to firing missiles and it was nothing criminal, what activity is left that the police couldn’t reveal?  I guess the residents of Newfoundland have yet to find out.



The Day TV Got Hacked


If you ask the people of Chicago they will tell you that hacking has been around well before the internet.  On November 22nd, 1987, Dan Roan was narrating his regular sports highlights during Channel 9’s Nine O’Clock News however, that night things did not go as expected.  At 9:14 pm the signal flickered and a figure dressed as Max Headroom bounced around but only static could be heard.  Shortly, the uplink frequency was changed, but around 2 hours later it happened again on the PBS affiliate.  This time lasting almost a minute and a half and Max had audio, but it was garbled static.  “They’re coming to get me!  Come get me bitch!” he screams as a woman spanks his bare bottom.  The FBI promised to hunt down the offender, but they never did.  Max will always live in infamy.