Is Star Wars Coming To Netflix?

Is Star Wars Coming To Netflix?

Star Wars
source: Cinelinx

The folks over at Cinelinx seems to think so.  Apparently, they heard rumors back in March of a live-action TV show set in the Star Wars universe.  In fact, Disney was shooting “the series between films in order to utilize the same sets” between movies.  However, since this March report, they say they have more information now pointing to Netflix as the distribution channel for the series.

Cinelinx reports:

Let’s move on to the NEW information I’ve heard, from a couple of individual sources now.  Disney is looking to continue their partnership with Netflix for their Star Wars shows.  Yes, I said shows.  I’ve heard there’s talk of potentially three different live-action shows for Netflix, in much the same way Marvel has deals in place for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, etc.

So, it seems like Cinelinx has the pulse on all things Star Wars and will continue to update as they find out more info. You can find more details at their website as they discuss the entire reasoning behind the partnership.  Head on over and bookmark to be kept up to date.

But don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging with absolutely no Star Wars action over here.  Watch the video below from YouTuber Dash Star for 17 Behind The Scenes Things You May Have Missed – Comic Con 2015.  Some real inside sneak peaks are revealed here if you want them before you go see the movie this Christmas.