10 Halloween Cakes So Gorgeous You Don’t Want To Eat Them

10 Halloween Cakes So Gorgeous You Don’t Want To Eat Them

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, only Christmas beats it out for the top of the list.   So yes, I’m already thinking about the decorations, parties, food, and whatever else I can apply a spooky theme to.  Here’s a few wonderfully decorated Halloween cakes from last year that should get your creative juices flowing and maybe if one of these delicious bakeries is in your area you should pay them a visit.  If nothing else, stop in and get a cake pop or cupcake for goodness sakes.  It would be absolutely spooktacular.


The Woman In Black

If you liked the movie then you’ll probably love the cake.  Little Cherry Cake Company really know how to set the mood.

NecroNOMicon Cake

Imgur user Poppit133 posts their first attempt at fondant and I think it’s a winner.

Poppit133 via Imgur

Gothic Cake

I dare any sullen goth kid not to smile when they get this for their birthday.

Alice In Wonderland

The folks at Anna Maria have put together an app on the iTunes store in case you want to learn how to make cakes like this for yourself.  This Alice In Wonderland has a Tim Burton flair to it.

Haunted House Cake

This cake has so much detail that you’ll want to stare at it forever.  Want to make one for yourself?  Find the directions here at marthastewart.com

Martha Stewart



Plants vs. Zombies

The people at sweetoncakes.com can do just about anything.  Their zombie is so adorable I couldn’t bear to eat him.



Sparky and Persephone

The perfect couple.

Halloween Pumpkin Cake

All the perfect elements of a spooky Halloween night.



Blue Velvet Corpse Bride Cake

Here’s a Blue Velvet Corpse Bride Cake with some do-it-yourself instructions available at sprinklebakes.com



Scooby and the Gang

And we couldn’t leave out the original group that keeps us safe from the ghoulies and monsters.  I mean if it weren’t for those crazy kids…

cupcakeeveny.com via flickr


So I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Halloween and I’m really, really hungry.  I’m going to make a cake.